My Favorite Things- A Klaine NC-17 ish fic

Summary: Its movie night and Blaine gets bored so he excites Kurt.
Author's Note: This is my first fic with any sexualish content. Let me know what you think.
Word Count:
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Klaine and Finchel

Kurt and Blaine sat on the couch in the Hudson- Hummel basement while watching the Sound Of Music on the television. Carole and Burt were out on date night. It was date night and movie night for the teens in the house. Rachel, who was siting on the comfortable reclining chair, with Finn was completely engrossed in the movie. Finn was sound asleep since the opening credits and snoring loudly. Rachel didn't care. It was her favorite movie, and she'd be damned if her boyfriend's snoring was to distract her. Julie Andrews was singing 'My Favorite Things', as were Kurt and Rachel. Blaine sighed, and snuggled closer to Kurt, glad that he borrowed pajama pants so he could watch comfortably. Blaine, who enjoyed The Sound of Music just as much as the next gay guy, had enough of the movie. He was thoroughly bored, as this was the second week in a row that Rachel or Kurt had chosen this movie. Blaine was bored and wanted to spice things up. Blaine grabbed the blanket off of the back of the couch and covered himself and Kurt with it. He put his hand on Kurt's knee and squeezed gently, to which Kurt jumped slightly and looked questioningly at Blaine with shocked eyes. 
  "Oh. Just ignore me. I'm sorry." Blaine said, whispering into Kurt's ear, tickling him and giving Kurt goosebumps, but left his hand on Kurt's knee.
Kurt put his head on the shorter man's shoulder, going back to the movie. Over the next agonizingly slow ten minutes, Blaine inched his hand higher and higher along Kurt's thigh. By this time, Rachel was on the floor, halfway to dream world, where she was a star on Broadway and everyone kissed her ass and pooped rainbows. Kurt was well on his way to dreamworld, as well.But a different sort of dreamworld. Kurt was sitting with a straight back, glazed eyes staring straight ahead with a painful erection. He didn't dare look at Blaine, knowing he'd make some sort of audible noise. But Blaine knew what he was doing, and Blaine goal was to make Kurt cum as quickly and quietly as possible. Blaine quite enjoyed when Kurt was loud, but this was neither the time nor the place. Blaine palmed Kurt through his pajama pants, adding pressure steadily. Blaine stared directly at Kurt, daring him to make the next move. He did.
  "I need you now! Do something! Anything! It hurts, dammit!" He whisper yelled, going crazy.
Blaine pulled Kurt out of his pajama bottoms and wrapped his hand around Kurt's shaft. Gosh, I love when he doesn't wear underwear, Blaine thought. He started pumping his hand up and down quickly, while Kurt grabbed onto the blanket material for dear life. After so long in close proximity with his boyfriend, best friend, and brother for so long, Kurt came quickly, like Blaine had been anticipating. Blaine was proud of himself for how quickly and hard Kurt had cum. Kurt whined loudly, slightly out of breath. Blaine looked completely innocent.
  "Anymore popcorn?" Finn asked, waking up from the noises Kurt had made. After getting ignored, he rolled over and continued to sleep. Blaine wiped his hand on the inside of Kurt's pajamas and planted a kiss on Kurt's lips.
  "I'll get you back for that." Kurt said.
  "I can't wait." Blaine said as they fell asleep holding on to each other and the ending credits played.

Late Night Phone Calls A PG-13 Fluffy CrissColfer friendship Fic

Word Count: 900+
Rating: PG-13? no smut. just fluff.
Author's Note: This is my first fan fiction piece. I apologize if it sucks. Please leave a review and tell me what I can work on. Thanks! :)

Late Night Phone Calls
 The phone rings in the middle of the night, waking Darren from a not-so-deep, but much needed slumber. He'd been going nonstop since he left the Glee set, How To Succeed rehearsal were taking its toll on him, Where's the damn phone? And why would someone call this late? Do they have a death wish? he thinks, slowly coming to full consciousness. 'Perfect' by Glee Cast is blaring from his phone, bringing Darren to the realization that 1)It's Chris and 2) He should sleep with his phone in the same place every night. As the song starts again, Darren knows he has only a few seconds to get the phone before it goes to voice mail. Hes lucky that Chris hasn't hung up yet. Ah! There it is! he thinks, pulling his hand out from underneath his pillow.He hit the answer button on his Blackberry phone.
  "Darren?" Chris asks
  "No. She's dead. This is her son." He answers with a smile in his voice. That always was his favorite Kurt Hummel quote. He and friends used it all the time answering their phones. "Who did you think it would be when you hit Call:Asshole on your phone?"
 "I really do need to change your name in my phone," he laughs "I thought maybe your one night stand would pick up the phone!"
  "Of course not. No one night stands. 'm too tired for that." Darren says, snuggling further into his blankets. "So what's up?"
  "Nothing. Just wanted to say hi. See how your show went. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you." Chris says sadly.
  "It went okay as far as first shows go.I messed up a bunch. But I think people liked it. I've got so many flowers, my apartment smells like a floral shop." Darren laughs.
 "Sounds fun! How are you enjoying New York?" Chris asks
  "Its amazing. The city is like a living, breathing thing. It has an energy of its own. I like it here. Granted I wouldn't want to live here but..." Darren says
  "I know what you mean." Chris says
  "Do you want to hear a funny story?" Darren asks
  " That depends. Is it actually funny, or is it like your normal stories, without a climax and pointless?" Chris teases
  "Meanie! Anyway, After I finished the show, there was this after party. I got to meet some fans. One of them asked for a hug, which is normally insignificant, but this one was funny. You know that disease that I have, that I blurt out whatever is on my mind without thinking first and I don't think about how others will respond?" He said, pausing his story.
  "That's not a disease, Dare. That's just you not having a filter!" Chris laughs at Darren, amused.
  "Yeah, well this girl had it too! When I leaned in to hug her, she goes, 'Wow, you smell so sexy' and I was like, 'Well thank you for calling me that!'  and she asked what the smell was, so I told her the name. She was funny AND smart! She immediately picked up on where she had heard the name before!" Finishes Darren, cackling at the silence on the other side of the phone. "What's wrong, Chris?"
  "DARREN. EVERETT. CRISS! Did you steal my favorite cologne?" Chris yells, while Darren continues laughing. Darren is like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar, but he put himself in that position.
  "Yes-" he laughs "I-" he's short of breath "did!"
  "I don't think you're funny, Darren!" Chris says, angrily.
  "Calm down. I'll buy you more." Darren says, catching his breath. "I just thought it'd help me miss you less."  He continues with fake sadness.
  "That voice isn't working on me and you can stop making a puppy face! I can't see it!" Chris says, knowing that at this very moment, Darren is puffing out his lower lip, lowering his head and looking up at the ceiling through those long, feathery eyelashes.
  "Oh shut up! I know you couldn't keep anything from your best friend," Darren says, knowing he's right."so how was work today?"
  "Nice subject change. I'll get you back. It was weird without you. I know you haven't been here THAT long but I'm used to having you around me. I hung out with Amber between takes. Work is work. Always fun but difficult. I just miss my best friend." Chris admits
  "Awh, I miss you too! I'll be back in three weeks. It's not that long. Plus, maybe you'll find a new best friend. One with a brain filter who buys his own cologne. You'll like him more!" Says Darren.
  "Oh shut up, asshole.Good luck on your shows. Call me, okay?" Chris says.
  "I will. Or you could just pull something like tonight and call me in the middle of the night. You realize that there's a time difference, right?" Darren says.
"And let me know when you can make it out for a show. I want to see you!" Says Darren, suddenly homesick.
"Okie doke."
"And Chris?" says Darren
" Sleep tight. Don't miss me too much, doll face. I love you." Darren says half sweetly and honestly, half full of himself.
  "Always the same Darren. Nothing changes. You can't see me, but I'm rolling my eyes at you." Chris says.
  "I know." Darren rolls over to go to bed.
  "Goodnight. Love you too." says Chris
Darren sleeps sound all night and wakes up on the first ring the next night.
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